Using Samewave to track, measure and manage the commitments within your team enables Samewave to keep you informed, via notifications, of all essential information and goings on. What classifies as essential is different for everyone though. So, customising your notification settings to ensure you’re getting just the right amount of Samewave is key to helping Samewave to help you.

You have one User Account that you use to access Samewave. This single User Account is also used to access different teams that you might have been invited to within Samewave. Your User Account will have a Team Profile & Settings for each different team that you may be in. This is so that you can customise your profile & settings per team. Notification Settings are also managed per team at the Team Settings level, not the User Account level. 

Samewave has notifications for two categories of events; Report Activity and Goal Activity.

Report Activity includes Report specific events, such as messages, people joining or leaving the Report, Report settings changes, and any Goal-based events for Goals that are in the Report. Notifications from Report events are sent to every member of the Report. Report Activity covers all such Report Events from all Reports that you are a member of. 

PROTIP: Separately to your Notification Settings you can mute Notifications from specific Reports for yourself in the Report Settings. While your Notification Settings apply to everything in the team, muting a Report will override any team-wide Notification Settings you have set.

Goal Activity includes any Goal specific events, such as updates, missed updates, settings changes and update reminders. Goal Owners & Assigners will receive Notifications for Goals even if those Goals aren’t in any Reports. While People not associated with a Goal will only receive Goal Activity Notifications if they are in a Report with the Goal. 

You can access your notification settings on desktop via the drop down menu in the top right.

This brings you to the Notification Settings screen where you can manage your notifications. 

Here there are a range of settings to help you choose level of notifications. 

Enable app notifications: The master on/off switch for notifications team-wide. If this is set to off, then you won’t receive any notifications from this team. 

Do not disturb: A DND option to supress notifications during a certain time period. When enabled you won’t receive any notifications during the set time period. The time period is relative to the local time zone that your Samewave app is in. It updates automatically if your time zone changes. 

Notification Presets: These are preconfigured notification setting options that we’ve provided to make choosing your level of notifications easier. Choosing an option here will automatically configure the Goal & Report activity specific options lower down the screen. 


All activity: Enables notifications for all activity from all Goals & Reports that you are associated with.

Only Goal activity - Restricts notifications to only activity from Goal Events for all Goals that you are associated with by being a Goal Owner, Goal Assigner, or in a Report with a Goal.

Only Report activity - Restricts notifications to only activity from Report Events for all Reports that you are a member of. This includes comments, @mentions and other events like people being added or removed and Report Settings changes. 

Only my Goals, @mentions @ private Reports - Restricts notifications to 1) Only Goal Activity for Goals where you are the Goal Owner, 2) Only comments in Group Reports where you are @mentioned, and 3) All Goal & Report Activity in Private Reports. 

Only @mentions & private Reports - Restricts notifications to 1) Only comments in Group Reports where you are @mentioned, and 2) All Goal & Report Activity in Private Reports.

Custom - Enables you to configure your own selection of Goal & Report Activity Notifications in the sections below. 

By choosing a preset and seeing how the Goal & Report activity specific options below change based on the preset you’ve selected, you can see what notifications you will receive per preset.

Goal Event List 


Goals are assigned to me

My Goals are due or overdue

There’s activity on Goals assigned to me

There’s activity on Goals I’ve assigned

There’s activity on Goals in my Reports

Report Activity Event List 

The Report Activity splits between comments, or messages, and Report Events. 


All comments

@mentions & comments in private Reports

No comments

I’m added to Reports

Other people join Reports

Goals are added or removed from Reports

I’m made an editor of a Report

A Report I’m in is edited, archived or deleted 

PROTIP: We recommend using the ‘Only my Goals, @mentions & private Reports’ preset and having DND enabled for your after-hours time.

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