Samewave is at its heart a report. A report that shines a light on the things that matter most. To give you the right information at the right time. So, that you can make the right decisions. And, in doing so, cascade transparency and accountability throughout your organisation. Empowering your team to achieve more. Which, in turn creates that essential loop of teamwork required for any success. 

The core of that report is a clear set of measures relevant to you that are reported upon on a regular rhythm without fail. This is the heartbeat of your business and the backbone of effective management. Without which warrants disorder, disarray and the inevitability of failure. 

Samewave exists to deliver you that report. Samewave makes it easy to capture the key goals you need to measure, share them with the relevant people, track them over time and report on their progress. Whether it’s a management team’s monthly management report, a quarterly board report, a weekly team status update or a project tracker. Samewave makes it happen.

To do this, Samewave has three main features: 

  • Goals – The things you need to measure. Tasks for actions, to-do’s or objectives. And, targets for key performance indicators (KPIs) or any kind of numerical measure over time.   
  • People – The people who are responsible for doing or reporting upon the things that are being measured. They will be assigned to, and update, the goals.  
  • Reports – Bringing a collection of relevant goals and people together into a shared container to update, discuss and act upon the information reported as a single report on a set rhythm. 

You can have unlimited goals and reports. Goals and people can be in any combination of multiple reports. Goals, people & reports all exist within a team in Samewave. You can have multiple teams and switch between different teams. The team is the billable container for a Samewave customer. 

So, you create goals for the key things you need to know about. Assign those goals to the people in your team responsible for them. Add them to a report. And, then, Samewave chases for updates, compiles the updates and sends the report. Everyone knows what’s happening and what they need to do. Without suffering death by meeting. 

Get started now by creating and assigning a few goals to some team members then create a report to add them to! 

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